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2002 Storm info/pictures from 2002

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Default 2002 Tornado & Thunderstorm statistics

Ontario Tornados of 2002:
Location Date Time Rating
Barrie May.31 11:15am F1 Confirmed tornado west of the city near Hwy.90
North Bay May.31 4:22pm - Unofficial confirmation: airport, 100's of students at nearby school. Damage to factory, hydro polls, heavy debris thrown up to 1.5km away. More info (with photo of tornado)
Dorchester Jun.15 2:15pm - Unofficial. Weak tornado reported by trained weather observer in Dorchester, 30km E. of London. Storm was apparently so weak it wasn't even producing thunder/lightning at the time.
near Sarnia Jun.21 ? - Unconfirmed
Fallowfield Jun.23 ? F1 Confirmed F1 damage.
Emo Jul.12 ? - Unconfirmed. No damage reported.
Kosh Lake
Vankleek Hill
N. of Sudbury
Unconfirmed. Damaging wind gusts.
Unconfirmed. Damaging wind gusts.
Location: Half Way Lake. Widepread damage to trees, some property damage. 4 people were injured. Damage Photos here

- Near Hwy. 89. Photos HERE
Clearwater Bay Aug.10 ? - Unconfirmed. Damaging wind gusts.
Keswick/Sutton Aug.14 ? - Unconfirmed. Damaging wind gusts.
Pembroke Sep.10 ? - Unconfirmed. Damaging wind gusts.
Location Date Description
Kaladar,On Aug.02 One man was killed in the Kaladar area, when strong winds brought down a tree on his tent trailer.

Thunderstorms of 2002 (St. Catharines only):
# thunderstorms for the year: 26
Boxes colours: Regular Storm, Watch Issued, Warning Issued
Thunderstorms by month
Month: Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Thunderstorm Descriptions (storms in yellow were issued watches, red for warnings)
Date Time
Very strong winds as temps went from 20C to 0C in matter of hours. Gusts of up to 138km/hr recorded, power out, trees blown over.
Apr.19 6am 40,000 Frequent thunder/lightning.
Apr.28 1:45pm 40,000 Weak thunder, light rain. Severe thunderstorm watch here, and tornado warning boxes just to the south in the US. Main threat here of medium size (mothball) hail.
May.09 12:45pm 30,000 Brief thunder, rain. Radar summary A few vidcaps
May.25 9:15pm 30,000 Strong storms to the south in the US but only light rain, lightning, and thunder here.
May.31 7:00am
Moderate rain, light thunder. Radar: Summary, Reflectivity
Huge cumulus formed with the passing of the "cold front" (little temp. change here) Storms severe in other areas - click HERE for info.
Jun.04 10:35am 30,000 Weak storm. Light rumbling thunder.
Jun.05 4:25am 35,000 Weak storm but produced some nice CC lightning strikes.
Jun.15 10:15am 30,000 Weak - light thunder, brief rain.
Jun.16 2:10pm 25,000 Weak - thunder, rain. Brief.
Jun.17 2:10pm 35,000 Weak to moderate here - thunder, brief downpour with pea-sized hail, later around 3pm a stronger storm developed with the OPP reporting large hail was forcing highway traffic to pull over and stop. Dime-size hail reported in central St. Catharines. Click here for photos.
Jun.21 5:30pm 30,000 Weak - light thunder, rain.
Jun.27 12:15pm 45,000 Moderate to strong. Long-lasting (2 hrs) - periods of strong thunder/lightning/rain. Winds gusty at times but mostly non-existent.
Jul.18 3:15pm 30,000 Very weak. Minimal rain. No visible lightning, light spaced out thunder.
Jul.21 11:00pm 25,000 Weak storm brought some much needed rain.
Jul.22 5:00pm 35,000 Very dark skies over the lake but only light thunder/rain/winds.
Jun.29 4am 40,000 I missed most of this one because I had to be somewhere. It seemed pretty strong though from what I could hear.
Jul.31 12pm 35,000 Moderate storm. Was severe earlier but by the time it hit Niagara there was rain and thunder. Moderate winds at times.
Aug.16 6pm 40,000 Weak LP with minimal thunder.
Sep.10 8pm 40,000 Severe storms with high wind gusts, heavy rain, and very intense lightning.
Sep.14 8:30pm 35,000 Nice CC lightning and in-cloud lightning. Minimal wind/rain.
Sep.15 3:15am 35,000 Moderate storm but was mostly passing north over the lake, only top end clipped Niagara.
Sep.20 4:00am 30,000 Light thunder/lightning/rain/winds.
Oct.07 3:30am 25,000 Minimal thunder/lightning but VERY strong winds with moderate rain. Short-lived squall line.
Nov.10 8:30pm 35,000 Moderate lightning/thunder. Light rain/winds.
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