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2003 Storms of 2003

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Default 2003 Thunderstorm & Tornado Stats

Ratings only given to confirmed tornados
F? = easily confirmed via photos/video, no E.C. confirmation.
Aug.28 Thanet Lake Near Coe Hill. Funnel cloud witnessed. DAMAGE PHOTOS HERE.
Aug.26, 18:00-19:00 Wolfe Lake Over 100 trees were blown over, at least eight cottages had trees across the roofs and others had outbuildings damaged. One cottage had most windows blown out and it was blown off of it's foundation and likely will have to be completely demolished and rebuilt. One other huge cottage had at least 4 trees on the roof and suffered major damage. A number of boats and docks were blown onto the shore and destroyed. A 19 foot inboard/outboard boat was blown off of it's lift and flipped upside down into the water and the lift was blown upside down into the lake. (thanks to Peter C. for the description)
Aug.21, 20:45 Orr Lake North west of Barrie on hwy.93 in Simcoe County. Roof of house ripped off, large trees snapped mid-trunk.
Aug.07, ? Chatham-Kent F? Shown on "CFPL-TV" - said to be on ground for about 5 minutes. No more information given.
Florence F? Shown by Ch.10 in London, PHOTO ON THIS PAGE
Aug.02, 18:13 Rice Lake F? Serpent Mounds Park, Rice Lake (near Peterborough) PHOTO ON THIS PAGE
Jul.11, 10:30 Elmvale F0 Supercell with hook echo / meso that crossed the St. Lawrence near Morrisburg (w. of Cornwall) Unknown damage.
Bracebridge F0 Tree damage and minor building damage in and near to Santa's Village
Vasey F0 Tree damage
Jul.4 Red Lake (located NW of Dryden in north western Ontario) Dave Sills of EC writes ..."The MNR is mapping out damage from what appears to be a tornado. A long swath of conifers several hundred metres wide levelled, and a photo of a funnel cloud to boot! I'll be writing up that report as well and should have something on that soon."
Goose Lake F? About 200km north of Kenora, NE of Red Lake. Damage photos and description here: http://www.flyinoutposts.com/Twister/
Jun.29, 17:00 Rockford F0 (south of Owen Sound) House damaged - corner of house missing, can see inside the house from the outside, tree lodged into another wall, trees uprooted. Confirmed by Environment Canada.
Jun.29, 17:50 Plevna F? Hydro lines down, trees down, damage to cottage. IMAGES AND VIDEO OF THE TORNADO HERE
Dunwich (in Essex County)
Jun.29 Belle River mainly yard/tree/hydro damage
May 1 Tecumseh F1 Tornado struck early in the morning, downing trees and power lines, damaging houses and destroying a few horse barns.

Thunderstorms by Month
Before only a colour was used to designate a severe thunderstorm warning, but many times a warning was issued accompanied by only a weak storm. So in previous years I've kept records it was hard to tell if the storm was in fact severe just by looking at the table. This year an "X" will be placed into the box if a warning was issued by Environment Canada but no severe t-storm or tornado actually occurred. Warnings are defined as "imminent or already occurring" and I wish in the future E.C. would abide by this. Imminent of course meaning, it *IS* going to happen. Not a chance it's going to. That's what watches are for.
- "Garden Variety" Thunderstorm - Severe Thunderstorm Warning *and* Svr Tstorm - Tornado Warning Issued, Tornado occurred
- Severe Thunderstorm Watch Issued x - Severe Thunderstorm Warning with no Svr Tstorm x - Tornado Warning but no tornado
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
3 x
EC'S BLUNDERS OF 2003 (Unlisted in above table) :
JULY 24th - Severe thunderstorm warning issued, NOT A DROP OF RAIN AND SUNNY IN MOST OF THE CITY!! (St. Kitts was specifically mentioned inthe warning)
JULY 31st - Severe thunderstorm warning issued for northern Niagara/St. Catharines - there wasn't even a storm.
AUGUST 10th - Severe thunderstorm warning issued for northern NIagara/St. Catharines - no storms at all, radar shows clear over all northern Niagara.
AUGUST 21st - HUGE storm - strongest of the year, Niagara not under a watch. Niagara issued warning after storms were already in the US.
Date Time Tops
Apr.04 00:05 30,000 -2C and raining that frozen "Ice pellet" stuff. Bright lightning flashes with booming thunder.
May.01 01:00 25,000 Weak.
05:45 30,000 Weak.
Severe thunderstorm warning issued, unfortunately it was a fairly weak storm like the others this day.
May.05 23:00 30,000 Weak storm, light rain.
May.11 08:00 35,000 Weak.
May.27 11:00 25,000 Weak.
14:30 20,000 Weak. Light thunder, no visible lightning, light rain.
May.29 15:45 30,000 Temps went from about 27C to 14C in 30 minutes. Moderate storm with localized areas of rotation. Moderate rain/winds, continuous thunder, moderate visible lightning.
Jun.04 15:45 30,000 It rained pretty good for awhile, and had some nice loud low-rumbling thunder that was shaking the windows. Not much visible lightning, light winds.
Jun.08 10:00 35,000 Severe t-storm watch issued but I missed most of it. From the parts I saw it was moderate in strength.
Jun.29 10:30 30,000 Some loud thunder but relatively weak otherwise.
Jul.05 18:00 35,000 Very low and dark cloud base with shear. Light thunder/lightning, moderate to strong rain. Most of the heavy activity passed to the north.
Jul.07 05:35 30,000 Weak storm but provided much-needed rain. Light thunder/lightning/winds.
Jul.15 07:30 35,000 Niagara was under a severe thunderstorm watch, but there wasn't much thunder or lightning, but the winds and rain were VERY strong. Funnel cloud shown on the news in Niagara Falls.
Jul.24 19:15 30,000 Light rain, no wind, weak thunder/lightning.
Jul.27 07:30 30,000 Light rain, wind, weak thunder/lightning. Short lived.
Aug.05 14:20 30,000 Weak storm, short lived.
Aug.06 17:30 25,000 Weak storm, short lived.
Aug.16 09:00 25,000 Weak storm, short lived.
Aug.21 10:45 50,000 HUGE storm system with NON-STOP lightning. Only moderate winds but very hard rain. Click link for photos and info!
Aug.26 05:30 35,000 Nice lightning, weak thunder. Moderate rain, light winds.
Sep.15 22:30 20,000 A bit of lightning/thunder, light/no wind, light rain.
Nov.12 18:30 35,000 Very heavy downpours, moderate (but sometimes close!) lightning/thunder. No wind.
20:00 30,000 Strong downpours, light thunder/lightning, moderate winds.
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