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2006 Storms of 2006

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Default 2006 Tornado & Thunderstorm Stats

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Colour code: GREEN = weak , YELLOW = under tstorm watch, RED = severe, RED with "T" = under tornado warning
"Warning" = Severe thunderstorm issued
2006 Thunderstorm Activity (St. Catharines)
# Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Tor. Watch
Time Tops (ft) Description
Dec.1 14:00 ? Light to moderate thunderstorm as warm front pushed through.
Oct.12 00:15 25,000 Light thunder/lightning/rain as warm from pushed through from the SSW.
Oct.11 06:30 30,000 Light thunder/lightning, rain heavy at times. Moderate winds.
Oct.04 11:00 35,000 Light rain, thunder.
Oct.04 07:00 35,000 Gigantic front pushed through across all of southern Ontario. Very frequent lightning including many close instantaneous flash/boom strikes. Moderate to heavy rain at times. Wind very gusty while front approached.
Aug.02 22:30 45,000 Massive system swept over southern Ontario. Tornado outbreak (see tornado stats below on this page) Impressive lightning show here in St. Catharines.
Jul.25 15:00 35,000 Storm started fairly organized with lots of low-level rotation and lift. Light rain and winds, light visible lightning and light thunder.
Jul.23 15:30 ? Warning issued for this storm. I was out of town while it happened.
Jul.20 17:46 35,000 This system was strong a couple hours earlier but gave only light right and thunder when it arrived.
Jul.15 01:30 35,000 Very hot and humid air mass over the region the last couple days as a small cold front came through overnight. Moderate lightning/rain, light wind.
Jul.10 15:30 40,000 Very strong rotating storm system circulating around most of southern Ontario spawning various vicious cells. I was caught in one in Hamilton while on Centennial Parkway going towards the QEW where police had blocked off a lane of that road because a manhole cover had poppled off due to excessive rain. Very strong winds and lightning, torrential downpours in Hamilton. Light rain / thunder in north end St. Catharines. This tornadic system produced multiple tornados in other areas of the province today.
04:00 40,000 Moderate rain and lightning, light winds.
Jul.02 21:15 40,000 Localized cell, torrential downpours, moderate wind, strong photogenic lightning.
Jun.30 14:00 ? Severe storm on the Toronto side of the lake but had weakened considerably by the time it reached St. Catharines.
Jun.29 11:50 30,000 Thunder, light rain, no wind.
Jun.19 16:10 40,000 Weak storm, rumbling thunder, light rain.
Jun.09 00:00 30,000 Weak thunderstorm
May.17 15:30 30,000 Moderate thunder, localized rotation amongst scud clouds.
Apr.12 18:45 30,000 Rain heavy at times, rumbling thunder, light winds, no visible lightning.
Apr.03 14:40 30,000 Moderate storm. Moderate to strong rain, weak lightning, constant thunder. Severe thunderstorm watch in effect.
15:30 25,000 Weak storm from same system.
07:00 25,000 Weak storm from severe system in the US. Moderate rain/lightning/thunder.
Mar.12 05:40 25,000 2 weak storms, weak lightning/thunder.
Feb.17 00:15 25,000 Weak, moderate rain, gusty winds, rumbling thunder.
2006 Ontario Tornado Listing (most recent to oldest):
SEP.06/06 (15:15-1600), F0, Essex County area - Brief touchdown in the county road 41 area between county road 20 and 50, about 5kms southeast of Malden Centre.
AUG.02/06 (20:50), F2, Bancroft (15km east) -
damage path sparse/narrow 500m wide by 10km long. Numerous trees down, one house with entire roof off and 2 walls removed. 2 barns destroyed.
AUG.02/06 (19:20), F1, West Guilford (northwest of Haliburton) -
damage path 500m wide, 12km long, numerous trees down, roofs partially destroyed, hydro poles down. "Further down Highway 28, about 20 kilometres east of Bancroft, Gregoire confirmed an F2 tornado with winds reaching 200 km/h. In this case, there was a lot of structural damage. There were two barns destroyed and one house... " [from the Peterborough Examiner]
AUG.02/06 (20:30), F2, Combermere (south of Barry's Bay) - heavy damage path 300m wide and 3km long, total damage path extending over 10km. Extensive damage to camping resort and town. Numerous trees down. Dozens of cars/RVs destroyed. "...targeted campgrounds and caused the most damage. Theres dozens of campers that were crushed, dozens of cars. Theres some incredible stories coming form this place, and the fact that there was no fatalities, and nobody was hurt, is incredible, Gregoire said. " [from Peterborough Examiner]
AUG.02/06 (20:05), F1, Anstruther Lake (west of Apsley) - damage path 150m wide by 2km long, numerous trees down.
AUG.02/06 (20:00), F0, Catchacoma (south of Gooderham) - sparse damage path 150m wide by 7km long, trees down.
AUG.02/06 (19:40), F1, Minden Hills (northeast of Minden) - intermittent damage 100m wide by 17km long. Roofs partially destroyed, large marina shed destroyed.
AUG.02/06 (19:40), F1, Drag Lake (east of Haliburton) - damage path continuous 500m wide by 10km long. Trees down, many hydro lines down, damage to cottages by fallen trees.
AUG.02/06 (19:25), F0, Uffington (northeast of Gravenhurst) - damage path 50m wide by 250m long. Trees down.
AUG.02/06 (????), F1, Apsley (Peterborough County) -
struck the east side of Anstruther Lake, west of Highway 28 near Apsley
AUG.02/06 (????), F0, Harvey Township
AUG.02/06 (15:20), F?, Burlington/Oakville -
3KM SE of Hwy.6 and Hwy.401 / Canwarn trained weather spotters confirm that a tornado occurred along the path east of Morriston. Further investigation will be required to establish the intensity of the tornado and other possible touchdowns. Hail the size of quarters was also reported west of Guelph.
JUL.17/06 (22:15), F1, Newmarket -
10km path, 100m wide. Woodbine & Davis Dr. to York Region. Factory lost part of roof, large swath of trees uprooted.
JUL.17/06 (22:15), F0, Newmarket -
Stonehaven subdivision, 500m path, 20-30m wide.
JUL.10/06 (14.38), F? - Owen Sound
JUL.04/06 (17:30), Cobourg - Eye-witnessed
JUL.04/06 (13:20), F1 - Osceola
JUN.21/06 (????), F1 - Kakabeka Falls (West of Thunder Bay)
JUN.19/06 (18:30), F1 - Wartburg
JUN.18/06 (22:30), F1- Duntroon
JUN.16/06 (????), F0 - Greening Bay (southeast shore of Lake Nippissing)
MAY.16/06 (????), F0 - Bracebridge to Port Carling
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