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Default Re: Sunday November 17, 2013

An EC staffer (I won't mention his/her name as I'm quoting below from a mailing list) said this:

We will be issuing wind warnings with the early morning forecasts for most of Srn Ontario (Bayfield inlet to Kingston and SW), as well as Nern Ontario from Montreal River to Sudbury and S. This “almost bomb” is screaming high winds, thunderstorms or not.

If the dynamically forced squall line doe include a good line of thunderstorms, this may be an uncommon case of having a severe thunderstorm watch/warning and a post-thunderstorm-cold front wind warning in effect at the same time.

I’m expecting a lot of wind gust reports of 100-110 km/h with maybe a few higher ones in favoured funneling areas like Port Colborne, Sault Ste Marie Airport (NWLY storms), Dundalk Highlands, Baden Hill, Point Petre. Too bad WQP (Point Petre) is missing.

Batten down your hatches.
- DarkSky (St. Catharines, ON (Niagara) )
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