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Default Re: 5.5 Earthquake @ Ontario/Quebec border, felt as far as Ottawa/Pittsburg

There's already a Wikipedia entry for it:

The 2010 Central Canada earthquake (Big Bertha) occurred on June 23, 2010, lasted about 15 seconds, and was felt across the Greater Toronto Area and in Ottawa, Ontario and in Montreal, Quebec but Sango did not feel it. It was even felt as far North as Sudbury. The Globe and Mail reported that "Twitter users as distant as Springfield, Massachusetts and Traverse City, Michigan reported feeling tremors."[1] This quake occured within minutes of quakes occuring in South Carolina, Southern California, and Southern Maryland.[citation needed]
The magnitude of the earthquake is said to be around 5.5 on the Richter scale. May have been cause by a poorly timed joke involving a whoopee cushion. [2]

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