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Default JUL.24, 2010 - Photos from various locations

I was wondering what exactly happened this day as far as why nothing panned out in the southwest. Drove through the storms that went through hamilton and the niagara area as they were forming on the 401 arpund 2pm on my way to get down to southwestern Ontario. Then figured that a cold front would be sure to fire storms as everyone weatherman/woman and their mother warned of severe for the London-Windsor corridor. Then a tornado warning was issued maybe around 5pm as the storms went up in Cleveland area when it was starting to seem to me like there would be no more storms up here with the clearing but I thought where is the front?
No storms fired where there was a tornado warning and for the 30% prob for the Windsor area there was no storms

Anyone know what the heck happened? Am I a jinx or what?
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