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Default Re: 248 Million for E.C. (over 5 years)

Originally Posted by Storm Chaser View Post
Yes, I too only use EC for forecasts. As for the false warnings, people may tend to believe they are in a false warning because they weren't hit by any severe weather, meanwhile 5km to the north there may be a tornado or severe thunderstorm. This is as said above by davefootball a warning region issue. This year EC is implementing a new text system to better outline the sub regions included in each warning so people can better understand if they are actually a part of the warning or not.
I agree fully, however 1 thing about the new warning text. Sub-regions will be the will by the expiry time and impact statements...and sometimes the warning text will have "COMMUNITIES IN THE PATH INCLUDE:" when the forecaster feels like it. The communities in the path will definitely help to determine if you are in the direct path of the storm or not...but don't expect them in every single bulletin...especially blanket warnings.

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