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Default Re: Environment Canada to provide more details about severe weather risks

So I emailed Joanne asking if the valid time would be included in the message on Weatheradio Canada and this is was she sent me back:

Good morning,

On March 13, 2013, Environment Canada’s Meteorological Service will introduce a new software upgrade in its operation to increase the efficiency in producing and disseminating thunderstorms and tornado alerts.
The new software upgrade is being introduced before summer severe weather starts. It will help produce and issue thunderstorm and tornado warning messages in less time through various dissemination channels (website, Weatheradio, media, etc).

Since Weatheradio broadcasts all our public warnings, Environment Canada will wait to have all the alerts converted to the new software before we incorporate valid time on Weatheradio. The transition of all alerts on the new software will take place in 2013 and 2014.

I am glad to hear you are an user of Weatheradio. I hope this information answer your question.

Joanne St-Coeur
Meteorological Service of Canada, Environment Canada
Telephone 819-934-4434 Facsimile 819-934-4560
[email address]
Government of Canada
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