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Default Re: Gibson Ridge users: Ontario add-ons

Originally Posted by Derecho View Post
For those of you who are using Gibson Ridge radar software, here are some additions to put Ontario on your program. I do not recommend downloading or purchasing GRL2... stick to GRL2A or GRL3.

For shapefiles, download then move to your GRLevel(2analyst or 3) folder. Unzip, then open the GRL program GIS>load shapefile> add the .shp and .sty file. Click load.

For placefiles, download then move to your GRLevel(2analyst or 3) folder. Open the GRL program Windows>Placefile manager and load.


Census divisions will add all of Canada's counties
Political boundaries will add all provinces

All Ontario lakes

Ontario highways


***All Canadian Population Points***

Any questions, pm me
Works great thanks
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