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Default September 3/11 Stormchase in Middlesex, Rotating storm

This storm was mostly outflow dominant but at one point had some scuddy lowerings under a circular rotating base and the storm had the classic comma shape at one point. I only saved one radar scan that was around the time of intercept

** Video Soon***

Now for a lesson I learned for the rebel. With a raw you can adjust things without relative quality loss like contrast etc.....
However you can do this in you menu setting as well if you know how, I did today to test how it would work out.
So I changed sharpness etc to the setting I would wind up setting them too in raw usually. In the end the image was noisier than I wanted but the colour was great..... The sharpness wasn't as good either but I was holding the camera by hand at 1/20-1/25 shutter speeds and in the wind that's hard to keep sharp, anyways lesson learned I like image results better with only the slightest changes from default zero setting .....with my cam at least.

Now that I'm done rambling here is the very nice shelf approaching, the worst of it passes by to my north as it heads roughly NE.
I wind up getting little to no rain as I begin to keep up after these shots but leafs were being torn from trees

I re positioned behind it and the rotation was strong overhead under the flank, in the distance the rotating base I saw made me leave, it was to the northeast under the original area that passed me

Good rotation , upward downward motion and great colours!

Rotating base on left side with scud lowerings sucking up, intense cg's around the core to the left

A little Later the flank

Video soon!

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