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Default Re: All Ontario Confirmed & Probable Tornadoes

And realistically, we don't NEED to spend money on unpopulated areas. If a big tornado goes through a forest on a hillside, 100miles away from the closest person, it doesn't really matter if it's known or not. We only need to invest money into tracking and knowing about tornadoes that affect us.

The US, with pretty much their entire country covered with settlements, needs a lot more coverage, so therefore are able to track pretty much their whole country on radar. And with 10X our population, they have the funds to do so. We could very well get 500-1000 tornadoes a year, but when only a small fraction of Canada is covered by radar, small fractions inhabited by people, there's no way we'll ever know a precise number.

.. and even if they do occur in an area covered by radar and is populated, EC still confirms less than half the tornadoes that occur. I remember an F0 went through Niagara on the Lake years ago, cutting a very visible 30-70m swath through the vineyards that a professor at Brock University commented on, and EC didn't even know about it.

So a much as posting stats on tornadoes are appreciated, they are only a minute fraction of what actually occurs. And if Canada records 100 tornadoes per year, over 100 years, that's 10,000 tornadoes. (of course 100/year is only a minute fraction of what actually occurs, but there's no way to ever discover all of them).
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