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Default Re: Hurricane Earl - Atlantic Canada Threat

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AWCN11 CWHX 050746
Special weather summary message for Nova Scotia issued by Environment
Canada at 4:46 AM ADT Sunday 5 September 2010.

The following is a preliminary summary of hurricane Earl and its
Effects as it crossed the Maritimes on Saturday September 4 2010...

Hurricane Earl made landfall along the south shore of Nova Scotia at 
approximately 10:30 AM ADT in the vicinity of the Shelburne/Queens
County border.  The preliminary analysis by the Canadian Hurricane
Centre indicates that Earl made landfall as a category 1 hurricane 
with an intensity of 65 knots / 119 km/h.

Soon after landfall Earl was downgraded to a tropical storm but 
remained very intense as it tracked rapidly northeastward across
Lunenburg... Hants... And Colchester counties before moving into the 
Northumberland strait and across Eastern Queens County Prince Edward
Island Saturday afternoon.  Tropical storm Earl continued into the 
Gulf of St Lawrence passing just west of iles de la Madeleine late
In the afternoon.  Earl was declared post-tropical later Saturday 
night as it moved out of the Gulf of St Lawrence.

The following are some notable rainfall totals and peak wind gusts 
from hurricane Earl reported at various stations across Nova Scotia, 
New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

Nova Scotia...

Location                    rainfall (mm)   peak wind gust (km/h)
Beaver Island (eastern shore)                   135
McNabs Island                                   130
Obsborne head                                   128
Halifax harbour approaches buoy                 122
Halifax stanfield airport       52.0            120
Shearwater jetty                23.1            117
Bedford Basin                                   115
Lunenburg                                       111
Antigonish Harbour (acoww)                      110
Hart Island                                     109
Caribou Point                    9.7            108
Grand Etang                                     115
Baccaro Point                   19.6            102
Port Hawkesbury                 25.4            100
Upper Stewiacke                 21.6            100
Western Head                    24.0             98
Lockeport (Canwarn)                              98
Debert                          32.1             89
Sydney airport                  18.4             90
Kejimkujik nat'l'park           46.2
Greenwood                       41.4             65
Kentville                       40.0
Parrsboro                       32.0             67
Yarmouth airport                26.8             63
Pockwock lake (COOLTAP)         53.0
Northeast Margaree              32.6

Prince Edward Island...

Location                    rainfall (mm)   peak wind gust (km/h)
East Point                      14.1             98
Charlottetown                   30.0             78
Summerside                      15.5             70
North point                     28.6             85
St Peter's                      28.2             79
Harrington                      25.5             76
Maple plain                     24.8             69

Iles de la Madeleine            31.2            100

New Brunswick...

Location                    rainfall (mm)   peak wind gust (km/h)
Moncton                         21.2             80
Miscou Island                   26.1             74
Saint John                      12.7             70
Bas Caraquet                    36.4             65
Edmunston                       76.5
Florenceville (NB fire)         67.1
Big Tracadie (NB fire)          61.0
Brockway (NB fire)              58.2
Lunts brook (NB fire)           55.9
St Stephen                      55.2
Fredericton                     47.9
Bantalor (NB fire)              45.7
Fredericton airport             42.6
Gagetown                        41.5
Mulligan gulch  (NB fire)       37.3
Mechanic Settlement             34.1
Robinson tower  (NB fire)       34.0
Miramichi                       33.4
Bouctouche                      23.3
Kouchibouguac                   25.0
Charlo                          21.8
St Léonard                      23.4
Grand Manan                     16.4
Point Lepreau                   20.3
Bathurst                        13.4

In addition to very strong winds and bands of heavy rain, hurricane 
Earl generated some very high waves offshore.  A buoy over west
Scotian Slope reported a peak wave height of 25.1 metres, and a
Buoy in the approaches to Halifax harbour reported a peak wave of 
23.3 metres.  Both these buoys reported sustained winds at or very 
near hurricane force.

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