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Skies 08-08-2015 01:01 PM

5th tornado of the year (EF2)
Updated weather summary for Southern Ontario and the
National Capital Region issued by Environment Canada
At 2:00 P.M. EDT Friday 7 August 2015.

The most significant severe weather outbreak of the summer occurred
on Sunday August 2 when several rounds of violent thunderstorms
crossed Southern Ontario in the afternoon and evening.

Environment Canada sent another team Thursday to investigate damage
near Lucknow and lebanon (se of Listowel).

An EF-2 tornado was comfirmed in lebanon with winds ranging from 180
to 220 kilometres per hour and having a damage path of roughly 5
Km by 50 metres wide. The more significant damage included tilted
grain silos, one with the top 30 feet removed, a barn roof removed
and a sailboat lifted into a line of trees. There was also minor
damage to several houses and multiple trees down. This is the fifth
tornado of the season in Ontario. On average, there are 12 confirmed
tornadoes in Ontario per year.

In Lucknow the damage area was approximately 4 kilometres long and
2 kilometres wide. 100-150 mature tress were down and a riding
Stable destroyed. Damage to some large vehciles and roof damage also
occurred. The investigation concluded that the damage was caused by
EF-1 straight line winds from a downburst, which corresponds to
Wind speeds between 135 and 175 kilometres per hour.

The following is a summary of weather event information received by
Environment Canada.

Location event description

Lebanon (8:55 P.M.) EF-2 tornado, grain silos tilted one
With the top removed, barn roof
Removed, splintered trees, embedded
Wood splinters, sailboat lifted into
Trees, multiple trees down, minor
Damage to houses

Lucknow (7:15 P.M.) stright line winds, EF-1
100-150 matures trees down, sporadic
Tree damage throughout town, roof
Damage, riding stable destroyed,
Damage to large vehicles

Teviotdale (9:00 P.M.) EF-2 tornado, two homes significantly
Damaged including roof removed from one
Bungalow home and two walls completely
Collapsed. Several Ontario
Provincial police cars damaged at
Nearby o.P.P. Detachment. Some damage
To barns and downed trees and power
Lines on neighbouring concession roads.

Marsville (9:30 P.M.) EF-1 tornado, large conifer and
Hardwood trees snapped, feed barn
Overturned, light damage to barns and

Utica (5:30 P.M.) low end EF-1 straight line wind
Damage. Minor roof damage, several
Downed trees, two metal sheds
Blown over, and damage at an airplane


Skies 08-08-2015 01:06 PM

Re: 5th tornado of the year (EF2)
Here is a video of a spot located between the two EF2's at the time they were going on.


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