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What is WX?
    It's a mailing list devoted to storm chasers, storm & weather enthusiasts, meteorologists, and basically anyone else in Ontario, Canada and Internationally who wish to talk about the weather - specifically, storms.  Of course, you don't have to be Canadian to join - there are list members from the US and even as far away as Germany and England.

List history:
 The list was originally created by John Meskes on a server at Seneca College (in Ontario, Canada) on March 5, 1997.  Then, when the list needed a new home, it moved to the server on August 20, 1998.  On May 23rd, 2003 the list was reset and restarted with a new beginning.  On May 15th the list moved to a new host (same list address though) located directly on a Tier 1 internet backbone.

How does it work?
    Messages are sent to the mail server and from there are relayed back to all the members of the list.  Any mailing list is basically just a long list of email addresses that receive messages sent to the main list address.

How do I join the list?
    Easy!   Just CLICK HERE and send the email!  It must be the email that you're using to post/read list messages to/from.

Can I leave the list once I'm on it?
    Anytime!  Getting off the list is just as easy.  To unsubscribe just send this email.  Unsubscription info is also posted at the bottom of each list msg.

Will my email address be sent to anyone else?
    No!  I hate unsolicited email more than anybody - your email will NOT be sent to any other lists.

Rules of the list:

(1) Keep discussions related to: weather, weather equipment, chasing, photography.
(2) Some debates can become heated - NO HACKING/FLAMING users.  Flame messages of a personal nature will result in direct removal from the list.  Remember, each message is sent out to every member of the list - nobody wants to read an argument going back and forth between two people.  If you feel you must respond to something you don't like that was said by another user, reply to his/her PRIVATE email address and not the list address.
(3) No profanity.  This list is for people of all ages. 
(4) Don't make fun of 'newbies'  If somebody comes on to the list with little or no knowledge of what it's all about, don't make them feel even smaller by putting them down for not knowing as much as you do.  Try to answer their questions instead.

Things to keep in mind (kind of a list "netiquette") :

 -Try- to post all your thoughts in one message.  If you load up your email program and see that one person has replied to you 4 times in a row, TRY to put all of your replies to his/her messages into one message.
Be helpful.  It's easy to see a question, know the answer, but click on the delete button because you can't be bothered typing in a response.  This list contains members ranging from people with absolutely no knowledge of weather and chasing, to people who are official staff with government meteorological agencies, veteran storm chasers, and professional photographers.
Have fun!  Try and keep a positive attitude - getting angry over something posted to the list isn't worth getting into a bad mood and wrecking the rest of your day.  Give credit where it's earned and please keep negative remarks to yourself. 
An updated msg containing list rules and information will be sent to you when you join.

For questions or comments, please send me E-Mail

wx List population by date :

Date # Date #
Jan.2003   Jan.2004  
Feb.2003   Feb.2004 178
Mar.2003 0 Mar.2004 175
Apr.2003 50 Apr.2004  
May.2003 64 May.2004  
Jun.2003 70 Jun.2004 185
Jul.2003 75 Jul.2004  
Aug.2003 86 Aug.2004  
Sep.2003   Sep.2004 192