Storm Pages - Links
 If you run a storm page that you would like listed here,  or if you find that
one of the links below no longer exists, please leave me e-mail .

Simcoe Weather - Various data/info/forecasts for the Simcoe area - site run by Ontario storm chaser
Beamsville Weather Station - all sorts of weather data from Beamsville (Niagara), Ontario
Northern Storms - Storm page covering northern Ontario, with photos
Ron Gravelle's [added Sep/03]
 Southern Ontario Active Weather Page

 CanWarn Storm Spotter's Page
 CanWarn Severe Weather Watch Program
 David Sills' Weather Page
Laura's Wx Home Page
 Marks Southern Ontario Storm Chase Page
Mark Robinson's PureChase Page
Northern Ontario Storms
 Ontario's Severe Weather Page - run by a chaser in Barrie
 Nina's Canadian WX Page - contains a good essay on storm meteorology - great weather photos and other photography galleries
 Summer Severe Weather - great learning page! (by Environment Canada)
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 VA3TVS Storm page - new, check it out! - a nice new page with nice layout!
F-5 CHASETEAM STORMCHASERS - new page, check it out!

Sites of other (non-Canadian) Storm Chasers: - Storm chaser gear and gadgets
 A storm chaser in Finland !

 Tornado Bait! - Scared of tornados?  All you need is this!
 Australian Severe Weather Page - Probably one of (if not -the-) best site on the net for storm photography and pictures.
 Central Atlantic Storm Investigators - good links to sites with good pics
 Dan Bikos' Storm Page - has pictures and chase logs
 Fujita Scale - graphical representation
 How to Become a Storm Chaser - good page for beginners
 Kansas SkyWarn Page - some good pictures and video
 Michael Thompson's Australian Storm Chase Diary
 Michigan Storm Chasers Homepage - they get a lot of the same storms we do - good page with pictures, chase logs, and lots of info!
 Sam Barricklow's Storm Chase Home Page - good chase logs
 Scott Blair's Arkansas Weather Watcher Homepage - active storm chaser with lots of info on his page
 Storm Reports and Photos - storm page run by an Australian chaser
 StormTrack Magazine - the official magazine of the storm chaser.
 Strike One - Australian storm chaser with some good lightning pictures
 Texas Tailchaser's Stormpage - excellent pictures and info
 Under the Meso - good page run by an active Kansas chaser
 Wayne Curtis' Tornado Warning! Page - nice layout
 Weather Photography - amazing pictures put into lots of sub-categories, one of the best wx photo pages on the web
 Weathervine - great page with lots of info and links
 The Structure and Dynamics of Supercell Thunderstorms - read and learn!
 Forcasting Severe Weather Events
 Convective Season Parameters and Indices
 Index to Training Materials and Essays on Storm Chasing and Meteorology - some great learning links by Sam Barricklow
 The Weather Club - looks new, give it a try!

 National Weather Service, Buffalo NY Station
 National Oceanic & Atmospheric Association (U.S.)
 National Severe Storms Laboratory (U.S.) 
 Earthwatch - Weather on Demand
 Intellicast Weather Resources
 TESSA - Texas Severe Storms Association
 The Weather Channel (U.S.)
 The Weather Network (Canada)
 The Tornado Project Online

Scanner/Radio links:
 Burnaby Radio
 Durham Radio
 Uniden - makers of the Bearcat scanners
 Grove Computer & Radio (US) - I bought my BC-235xlt from them, great prices too!
 How to pick the right scanner for YOU
 OntScan - Ontario radio scanner frequencies - thanks to Jeff Longland for the url!
 Ontario frequency listing

 Ball lightning - create your own ball lightning! (well, kind of...)

Other links (not weather related)
Niagara Ice Dog Fans - Fan site for the OHL hockey team
The Bay Street Bullies - Toronto Maple Leafs fan site