View Full Version : July 23/11 London, Pics of Tornado warned storm

08-01-2011, 08:48 PM
The storm was in progress well before it came into London but rotation was nothing special but as it went right over me the storm took off and began to rotate enough to cause a tornado warning. The cell that caused the tornado in Lambton county was going strong still in the first picture but by the time the storm in London was beginning top rotate well the Lambton cell was weakening.

Here is a shot to the west of the storm approaching London, you can see the nice anvil it already has.


Here it is getting closer it had a small base hanging SW of the core at this time behind the building..... the thing that got me interested in what was going to happen was the curving mid level inflow tail pointing south growing in strength feeding into the storm visible at the top.....

oh and the mid level shear funnel that's hard to see but had a nice smooth look



the core was now beside me to my north and west of me and the cell was taking off now with rotation and scud began to feed into the base with some good motion


I now got the camcorder setup by the time I did that it looked so different than it previously did and begin to move on a more southern course.


Over my head scud was forming and rising into the base very fast and in the base pictured the was rotation at a very strong level with areas at a weakly tornadic rate as well.



I switched sides and facing south almost dead on as the rain came and drops were on the window that I took off after the core hit and . I only managed a couple pics before the core hit and right around now was when the warning was issued for London but the strongest area pictured here was on the sw edge of town heading into the countryside at that point

Tornadic rotation but soon after the storm began to weaken and no touchdown or funnel was reported


After the core past the view of the backside was really amazing, the colours were really interesting with the setting sun and still had a nice corkscrew look to it still. The base was also still rotating slowly







As the Skies Cleared..... I will get some video up of this soon as I get the chance