View Full Version : HRRR Surface CIN Chart

Smokin Joe
07-19-2011, 08:19 AM
I'm wondering how you read this chart......

The numbers on the legend show 0 to -300.

is the 0 no cap and the -300 a strong cap?

how do I find out realtime info on the cap? what do i look for? if the HRRR is just predicting cap in the future, how do i find the cap (CINH) situation at this time? or even realtime CAPE info? is the HRRR accurate most of the time?

what the hell happened yesterday??? the sun came out it was hot, humidex well over 40, good LI, shear, cape in areas, a cold front passing but no storms in a big area.....i know the cape was hit and miss based on the HRRR, as some areas had less than others.

but did big storms passing to the west and east steal energy from south central ontario?

our prime season is half over already :sad: