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04-02-2011, 07:58 PM
Even though the temps (at least here in St. Kitts) are up in the 8-13C range this upcoming week, I still feel sorry for the folk stuck in Ontario.

I'm headed to Cuba on Wednesday and have this waiting for me:

Today's Cuba Weather News: http://www.cubaweather.org/images/spacer.gif http://www.cubaweather.org/images/spacer.gif 2011-04-02 03:00 WEATHER FORECAST. NATIONWIDE.
It will be a beautiful day with times of clouds and sun throughout the country. Some chances of rain are expected by afternoon hours, particularly from Mayabeque to Ciego de Avila provinces. The temperature will be very hot, reaching maximum around 31-34 C (88-93 F) and dropping to 21-24 C (73-79 F) at night. The winds will be weak, never exceeding the speed of 25 KmPH (16 MPH).
The sea will be mostly calm all day through.

Yesterdays' weather:

The overcast weather conditions will prevail over Cuba as a result of a new cold front arrival. Some showers and thunderstorms are possible, especially in the Western parts where they can be intense. Nevertheless, the temperature will continue to be hot, reaching maximum around 30-33 C (86-91 F). Tonight's temperature will stay near 23-26 C (66-72 F).
The winds will come mostly from the South direction, blowing at the speed of 15-30 KmPH (9-19 MPH) with higher gusts.
The sea will be mostly calm in the whole of the country, although some unrest is possible in the North coast with the advance of the cold front.

... Hopefully I'll be able to catch a tstorm or two !! :rolleyes: