View Full Version : Augest 1, 2008 Mini chase in Michigan!

08-24-2010, 05:09 PM
I was going to a wedding up in the Sue and me and my Mom were cutting through Michigan that day to save time. I had the chance to intercept the only storm in Michigan that day to cause a storm report with the NWS. The mother was not too pleased but sacrifices had to be made ....:D

I was taking these pics as the storm was forming, it was after I left it that it became pretty big. Couldn't afford the time to do an actual chase though that day, just a drive by.

Some small storms were firing up close to the bigger one, some of them even grew inflow tails to thier bases and showing some rotation!

There were a lot of storms in SW Ontario that night that provided great light shows for many that night!

Here is the storm report from this day


First smaller cell


I wanna say wall cloud here even, rotation was evident in the lowered nubby thing and at base level.

Second small cell with a vey different colour too it further NW of the previous cell


Here was the big guy coming into view



Getting closer now, it was showing some strong lift and possible rfd working on the western edge and on the southeastern side an inflow tail formed fast. There was some good rotation and I wish I could have stayed to watch!

Shot of the SE inflow tail

SW side building in strength


Possible RFD starting to work its way in there, upward motions started to become intense!


I'm just about to go into the core now, it just kept looking meaner!

Last shot before the core hit, lots of Lightning and small hail with some decent wind gusts but nothing noteworthy

Later on the storm had gotten huge