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08-05-2010, 01:13 AM
I cut/paste this from a reply of mine in another thread (Windsor Star article) so as not to hijack that thread. I've pasted it below.

Something odd here:

According to that page, Canada and the USA are practically the same size. (the States is 96% the size of Canada???)
.. and... Russia is almost *TWO TIMES* the size of Canada? (6.6M sq miles in Russia compared to 3.85M in Canada)

Wow - on all the maps I look at, Canada is *considerably* larger than the US, and slightly smaller than Russia.
http://www.terpconnect.umd.edu/~mstanto1/portfolio2.html (http://www.terpconnect.umd.edu/%7Emstanto1/portfolio2.html)

I realize that table in the first link takes out oceans and goes only by land mass, but still...

(YES I realize this is off-topic, and NO please don't post off-topic articles.. I just had to throw this one out there for discussion) :whistling:

Smokin Joe
08-05-2010, 10:21 AM
That 4 percent is probably the size of southern Ontario.....and we probably got that in 1812! Aw yeah!!! Lol

08-05-2010, 02:34 PM
Actually looking at actual -land mass-, we're really are about the same size as the US. We just look so huge because we've got a gazillion square miles of ocean in the north.

I'd like to see a world country size ranking that -includes- the country's water area as well, since it IS part of the country.

Interesting statistics: http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0762380.html