View Full Version : Posting new threads - thread icons

07-12-2010, 11:21 AM
Just a reminder, if you guys/gals want to use a post icon when posting a thread with either pictures or video, there's post icons (little cameras) for each. Threads tend to get more views if the person can tell there's pictures or video inside.

If anyone wants to edit threads they've already posted, you can just go to the thread and read it, and at the top: Thread Tools > Edit Thread. From there you can add/change the post icon.

(Please only use for actual pictures - not radar images or maps, thanks!!)

07-13-2010, 05:00 PM
OOps - a member just mentioned to me that that options does not seem to be available to regular users. There is a "Can Edit Own Posts" option but it must just mean you can use the "Edit" button at the bottom of posts, and edit the body of the post. There seems no way to give regular users access to edit thread title and/or thread icon.

I've been manually putting the right icons up in the past, but thought I could save myself a lot of work if I just posted a msg letting everyone know they could do it when posting :) 'Tiz up to you guys/gals. But generally, if a viewer sees the thread has a picture or movie in it, that thread will get more views, so it's always good to select one of the camera icons if you're posting a picture or video. (but as mentioned in the previous post, please don't use them for radar images, maps, etc... just photos and movies)