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07-10-2010, 07:06 PM
The day was a basic bust all in all as many know. It was a game of chance, storms would pop up and become breifly interesting before collapsing. I saw the Strathroy storm and decided to head out. By the time I got through London's nasty traffic the storm was north of the city and falling apart. I decided to head north of London as that was said to be the areas of Interest for the day.
I got through the core and saw a storm with a long forward flank and a small low topped circular based updraft behind it to the northwest. Scud began to pour out of the core to my surprise and it was very solid, it formed a wall cloud with some slight rotation. I took some pics and tried to get closer as it was far away and contrast was bad but by the time I was even slightly closer it began to fall apart. Still a surprise and pure luck again, the lowering lasted around 20 minutes from birth to death.

Here was the view of the stratford cell from my window, again I dumbed out of an amazing timelapse oppourtunity. Nice classic structure for a weaker summer heat thunderstorm.

By the time I got to it it was falling apart, after these shots taken just west of London I headed north.

Here is the scud before it connected to the base, bad contrast but it was solid. I was somewhere in southeast Huron County Looking northwest

Then it just gets sucked up and another inflow tail forms in the opposite direction of the other thick one feeding off the core

It gets larger very fast and I wonder at one point again if i was going to see a small spinup, there was some nice rotation and good lift

I then drive for a little ways to get closer and it falls apart fast, the storms I think were sensing chasers and killing themselves maybe ........The updraft goeas above all those messy midlevel clouds but look how low topped the forward flank was !!

and zoomed in

I then went close and got under the base when there was no more lowering at all, lots of lightning and a core of a mucky high based storm to the west was forming dropping a lot of lightning. I then went home not wanting to go further because of lack of potential return.

07-10-2010, 07:42 PM
Nice shots - nice towering Cu's too!