View Full Version : June 27, 2010 Tilbury/kent region storm chase

06-28-2010, 05:09 PM
I just missed the supercell that hit Windsor so I took some shots of the backside and noticed some storms forming on the supercell NW side and then isolated cells going up north of me. I watched a few cores form and go and decided to chase them while getting back home to London as they headed NE. They showed some rotation on radar as well

This would have been near the end of the chase but gives an Idea of what I was looking at

Some backside shots of the supercell, the updraft is barely visible on the top left of the first shot


Here are shots of the early stages of the storms that formed north of it

Now a little later when they showed rotation on radar for a bit before falling apart
I was between the cells on their western side
This was looking back to my south, a brief lowering formed with some rotation to it

and to my north

I decided to call it a day after this, as I headed into town for some gas I forget what town :confused:
The lowering was still kind of interesting

Oh and I caught a snake that I saw slithering bet my legs in some thick grass while setting up the tripod. He did not like me very much....

06-28-2010, 09:14 PM
Nice shots! (great shot of the snake too!) :)

06-29-2010, 07:06 PM
Nice shots! (great shot of the snake too!) :)

Thanks !!!
He was a snappy little bugger

Smokin Joe
07-08-2010, 08:22 PM
This hurts to write but i drove from Bradford to lake st. Clair to see these storms and was late by 30 min. My gf was sick as we were getting ready to leave and we left an hour late. My plan changed to drive to london and hope a storm made it before crapping out. I made such good time to london I said screw it I'm going the distance. I kept going and didn't bother to get gas. Came agonizingly close to making it to Windsor on time ended up having to get gas anyways as I was on fumes now was neari g the Chatham exit and decided if I drove north of the exit I was more likely not to run out of fuel so missed the chance to see the big storm at least outover Erie. Saw the other small storms pop m2 and the other one on the radar shot as I got gas just west of lake st. Clair and chased the back of those storms back as they fizzled on the way home. 793km in the end. This was the Only pic I snapped with my iPhone as I was eastbound on a back road East of lake st Clair. Was hoping they would live longer and I could catch up but no luck which has been the story of my year. I've
managed to miss big storms every way possible. Been way to early and gave up, been late, decided to let a storm go for hype of more severe storms further away and those storms were the only storms. Gone against my gut for a target in the other direction based on forecast. Stuck in traffic one time as well. Saw some neat clouds and liked the country side this day but it stung to be that close to my first really good storm of the year......I think the proper meteorological description of my storm chasing is " blowing goats"

07-09-2010, 04:31 PM
I think you are a little hard on yourself, traveling a long distance to chase in Windsor is always a big gamble. Such a short window of opportunity to see what's going on before it hits the great lakes. This year has been bad for storms to stay strong I've noticed. Not a lot of days were the storms had a peak intensity longer than half an hour. I get lucky living in London it's a great central point