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08-25-2009, 01:47 PM
1st tornado confirmation:

awcn11 cwto 260706 weather summary for all of southern ontario and the national capital region issued by environment canada toronto at 2:49 am edt sunday 26 april 2009.
After receiving reports of funnel clouds and a possible tornado in the windsor area saturday evening, an environment canada damage survey team was sent out earlier today. After speaking with some eyewitnesses to the event and viewing the damage, environment canada is confirming ontario's first tornado of the 2009 season. The tornado briefly occurred near the intersection of hanna st east and langlois avenue in windsor. It did minor roof damage to a union hall and debris from the roof also did some damage to homes to the southeast of the union hall. The tornado was rated as a fujita scale zero event with maximum winds around 90 kilometres per hour. This is the lowest rating on the fujita scale which goes from zero to five. Environment canada personnel are continuing to investigate damage from saturday's storms that occurred in the ottawa area. Some of this damage may also have been related to tornadoes. An update on this investigation will be issued on tuesday. Saturday's storms were a reminder that the summer severe weather season has now begun in southern ontario. The season normally begins in late april and lasts until early october. Severe thunderstorms can produce large hail, heavy rain, damaging winds or tornadoes. At this time of year it is always a good idea to stay informed about the latest weather forecasts, watches and warnings. On days when severe weather is possible, keep an eye on the sky and be prepared to seek the most solid shelter available.
2nd tornado confirmation:
weather summary for all of southern ontario and the national capital region issued by environment canada toronto at 2:56 pm edt tuesday 28 april 2009.
the second confirmed tornado from saturdays storms over ontario. On saturday april 25th a line of thunderstorms crossed eastern ontario including the national capital region. Around 7:30 pm the ottawa-gatineau region experienced a brief period of very high winds..gusts as high as 96 km/h were measured at the gatineau airport. There were numerous reports of downed trees, power lines and power outages across the region, and a few buildings lost part or all of their roofs, on both sides of the river.

Environment canada believes that most of the damage from this event was straight-line wind damage due to the strong outflow from the thunderstorms. However, there was one swath of damage in the west end of ottawa, from brittania park towards carlington heights (total length approx 5 km) which experienced intermittent significant damage. The damage path ranged from 50 metres wide over the western part of the path to near 150 metres wide over the eastern part. Furthermore, one eyewitness near the brittania yacht club reports seeing three waterspouts over the river, one of which headed towards brittania beach. Other witnesses on morisset ave. Reported seeing funnel clouds and swirling debris.
the combination of the damage track and eyewitness reports is sufficient for environment canada to confirm the second tornado of the season for ontario. (while three individual waterspouts were seen over the water, this will be treated as one tornado event.) the tornado was rated as an upper end fujita scale zero (f-0) event with maximum winds around 115 km/h.