View Full Version : NEW RULE: Please use the QUOTE button when replying to a post

06-24-2010, 11:08 PM
Yesterday we had a thread with over 300 posts to it. Half the time nobody could make out what the poster was talking about or who they were talking to, because it was just a statement made on it's own with no quoted text above it.

So from now on, to make it easier on EVERYONE reading messages: PLEASE USE THE 'QUOTE' BUTTON AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE when replying to a post. Once in awhile it won't be necessary of course. But if there's multiple people talking in the thread, and your post is in reply to one post in particular, and not the overall discussion, please use the QUOTE button to reply to it.

Thank you!

... and please try and put as much information as possible into each post. It's better to have 1 post of 10 lines of information instead of having 10 separate one-liners.

I have also added the ability for people to CLOSE their own threads (so others cannot reply), as well as MOVE their own posts, in cases where you see you have posted to the wrong forum.

If everyone could please take a quick second to review the rules... please and thank you: