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05-11-2010, 12:06 AM
Well one way to sum up the day is that given where I live I screwed this day up bad. Basically I used 2/3rds more gas than what I would have needed for the shots I wound up getting of the first set of strong storms, however I managed to save the day with a surprise isolated cell that had its core pass just north of London but had such a large updraft and flank for size of the core as well as some surprisingly pretty structure.

The day began with Storms pouring in from the west in southwestern Ontario. Three strong cells in a slight diagonal pattern with the top furthest east. I waited to long to leave as the cells were flying and Corey tried to warn me but it was too late. On radar the core of the first still looked to be a little NW of London. In reality it was already just north of town and the second cell behind was beginning beginning to rain onto the backside of the storm. I think the close proximity may have caused the cells to become outflow dominant and prematurely line out.

Here is the first cell ,I'm on the west side of London looking North around 3 pm. The base had strong rotation and lift, I wondered for a short while if that cell to the wasn't raining onto this one of it would have had the ability to drop a tube




This was looking west at the second cell, the third was on the left. The second had some mammatus under the anvils front flank and had a wicked look to it. I drove west after the shot into the terrible chasing country that is straight west of London. Head a little NW or SW and you are fine but straight west it's hills, trees, 402 of death and Strathroy.....

Had a friend take some video while approaching the second cell, I waited one exit too many and fell behind the line, catching up in a legal manner while dealing with traffic slowing down made catching up to the fast line impossible. Int he distance it looked like a dark blue huge wall cloud but as I drove closer it looked like it was becoming a linear storm. The core had near severe winds and mushy marble hail

Well after ruining the chase being greedy and tr as close to the second cell as fast as possible I was at home in a less than desirable mood, looking on the radar I noticed a small isolated cell heading to London with a meso. I decided to check it out and very glad I did. I was on London's Eastern edge for this shot, nearby where Highbury intersects with commissioners. Rotation was evident on a large scale. Here was one radar scan I did remember to take this day


Here I was looking SW at the tail

Now straight west at the middle

Last but not least at the base of the updraft with inflow tail pointing west feeding into the storm. There was scud as well heading into the base from the same direction

And some nice pics of its backside, it was actually building in strength it seemed. There were two areas under the flank showing some circular rotation at the base.




Now looking NE at the base that was hugging the rain core, a lowering formed with some rotation. This would have been on the western side of the area that had the inflow tail on its eastern side up above. Looked like it tried to make a funnel




05-21-2010, 02:36 PM
Fantastic photos! Thanks!

06-01-2010, 05:56 PM
Fantastic photos! Thanks!

Thx!!! the last shots were pure luck!