View Full Version : May 10, 2008 Newtown County Missouri Tornado Damage

Tom Stefanac
05-09-2010, 02:26 PM
On the way down to Oklahoma we took hwy 71 south (the GPS chose the route). All of a sudden we found ourselves passing through a significant damage path. We did not know much about the tornado or the track at the time but later when we were able to look over the SPC data this tornado resulted in 13 fatalities, 3 of which occurred in the area we passed through (Neosho).

The SPC notes that the tornado was 200 yards wide and much of the damage appears to be F2 and F3 however with isolated F4 damage. The NWS has officially rated the Newtown County Tornado (Neosho) as EF4 giving winds of 166 - 200 MPH or 267 - 321 km/h.