View Full Version : July 11, 2008 Surprise Storm chase, wall clouds and funnels

04-11-2010, 01:50 AM
This day had an interesting setup for shear, but there was a question for lack of fuel I think I forget the concern this day chasing. I had been watching the clouds closely in London for most of the day noticing the horizontal rolling motion. A weak looking updraft past by, the thing that interested me was how the winds were working on the cloud. I waited for a little bit and notice that some muggy showers had formed from the cell and others too. The surprising thing is on radar things looked weak and not very interesting at all. What played out though was much more interesting and worth the follow, the storms were not very fast and almost stationary at times. The chase began a little ways east of London, then to Dorchester I remember but I can't keep track other than that except I was hopping SSE a lot!

This little guy doesn't look like much but a shallow lowering with a clear slot on the left side was just noticeable. The core was on the right side and it had that look to it. This is Looking NE and I am south of the backside on this little guy. I was located somewhere on the edge on East London's countryside.

Here it is when it goes stationary over Dorchester

The lowering I was following evaporated into a tiny wall cloud want to be that lasted for a little while

While this was going on a flank was feeding into the base from the west , as the small lowering vanished the flank really took off!
The original lowering almost acts as if it was occluded from this point and started to spin tighter with some pretty nice scud formations that spun as well under it

The original lowering was evaporating away while the flank took over, decent rotation under still at this point

It was now beginning to feed off the core as well, I had repositioned closer still in Dorchester and looking NE on the storms SW edge .

A wall cloud with good motions formed fast just to my north underneath the base, rotation was evident but not strong at this time

The tip that was once like an inflow tail for the wall cloud tipped down fast and the rotation intensified in seconds. Very interesting, and a funnel want to be was just beside with almost equally intense motions. The storm as a whole seemed to shift and begin heading ESE, this funnel only lasted a couple minutes

I begin to head East again playing the catch up game now, a nice vertical wall was on the north side and previous funnel now just a rotating lowering again

I head east then dip south, the wall cloud that made the funnel was still going. A new Updraft had exploded Further down the core to the East. It showed some promising structure!

Falling apart

A look back west, this eventually became a trailing outflow dominant flank

Here was the eastern base taking shape fast, horrible contrast from this side so shots are edited and crummy.
The Lowered base you barely make out the motions because the poor view

Now closer it began to change shape many times as it headed SE, it seemed to pick up speed now.

There was alot of fast rotation and upward motions on the wall cloud

Now the rain began to wrap around it and I decided to call it a day, the trailing gust front to its west was very nice looking