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04-09-2010, 02:35 PM
Well, I'm now the proud owner of a Canon EOS T2i (http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=canon+eos+2ti&aq=f) (18MP). Upgraded from my old Canon EOS Digital Rebel (6.5MP)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5UVPHAdFnQBut the GREAT feature of this camera is that it shoots full 1080p video @<hidden> 30fps. You should click the image below so it brings you to YouTube, then change the resolution to 1080p at the bottom, to view it in full quality :



2 great advantages of this is 1: not having to swap back and forth between camera/camcorder to shoot pictures and videos, 2: not having to carry around the camcorder, 3: camcorders are pretty much limited to the lens in the body of the unit, whereas with the T2i I can shoot video through whatever EOS lens I have on the camera, taking advantage of all the different lens features out there.

The advantage of using my EOS lenses to shoot video through, is I can shoot low-light video at ISO 1600 with very little grain, whereas the lens in my JVC Everio camcorder gets either very grainy or very dark in low-light settings.

As for picture quality, shooting at higher ISO modes (1600+) there is a HUUUGE difference in the grainyness of shots. Grain shows up noticably (how the heck do I spell that word) around 800 on my Digital Rebel, and has a LOT of grain at 1600, whereas shooting at ISO 1600 on the T2i produces very good quality images. 'Should be great for my hockey game shots.

I also picked up a 55-250mm lens (with image stabilization). I have a 75-300mm for my Digital Rebel but find myself swapping back and forth between my 18-55mm lens and 75-300 lens quite a bit at times. The new lens I picked up, going down to 55mm, should help solve that as it's able to go back to much wider angle shots. I'll loose 55mm of zoom, but it's an 18 megapixel camera compared to my 6.5MP, so I could always crop the image to more than make up for the lost zoom.

Now if only mother nature would bring on some storms! :)

Shots of old (silver) camera next to the T2i. The old one just looks snazzy because I have the lens hoods on both its lenses :) :

04-09-2010, 03:17 PM
I'm getting nervous now that I might be using it more as a camcorder than as a camera!

Note: You need to click the image below to go to YouTube, then change the resolution to 1080 and maximize it to full screen :


04-09-2010, 05:57 PM
Very nice! I have a kodak something or another, cheap digi cam I got for me 19th bday. It has a fantastic picture and pretty amazing sound on it.

But, sure ain't one of those you got there!

04-09-2010, 06:49 PM
Very nice! I have a kodak something or another, cheap digi cam I got for me 19th bday. It has a fantastic picture and pretty amazing sound on it.

But, sure ain't one of those you got there!

The big advantage yours has over this new one?? It doesn't hurt as bad when it gets stolen!! :) The reason I got this one (aside from my other one being outdated) is that someone broke into my car awhile back and stole a bunch of stuff (GPS, phone, etc..) and one thing they got was my lens for my old DSLR (my 18-55mm lens that it came with). I had left it in my camera case in the truck - but luckily brought my Digital Rebel DSLR and the 75-300mm lens that was attached to it, into the house. So all they got was the 18-55mm lens. Luckily I also have an old Rebel 2000 SLR (film) camera that has a 18-55mm lens, so I took it off that one and put it on my Digital Rebel.

But the thing that would really suck is if I lost/broke/got stolen this one as I wouldn't have the $ to replace it for a LOOONG time. I'm boasting now about this new camera, but it has really put me in the poorhouse for the foreseeable future. It was either a new computer, or new camera. I was going to go from my current Athlon X2 5000+ dual core / 4GB ram / ATI Radeon x1950pro video card, to an Intel Core i7 920 quad core, 8GB ram, ATI Radeon 5850 video card. I spent the last week going over TigerDirect's web site, picking out all the parts that would work with each other, etc, etc.. But when it came down to it, my current PC does what I use it for and it wouldn't be the end of the world using it for awhile longer.

So now I've got to really use this camera and convince myself it was the right choice. (of course, both were the WRONG choice to begin with as I should have put the $ towards my credit card debt) :o

But I'm really hoping the quality at higher ISO speeds will make for some much better lightning shots at least. :rolleyes:

04-14-2010, 08:17 PM
Hey DarkSky, You build your own pc's. So do I. Currently I have a AMD Phenom II 955 4 gigs of ram an ati radeon 4890 and 500gb hd. Any Way. Nice camera. I sure wish i could shoot with one of those. I am also looking forward to this saturday for the canwarn session in hamilton. Is anyone form the form going to be attending.

04-28-2010, 04:16 PM
that's really, REALLY nice video. Audio is great as well!!!! I need to start saving for a camcorder, tired of my grainy Nikon p5100 videos