View Full Version : June 22, 2008 Ontario Stormchase, Bryanston F0

03-23-2010, 07:55 PM
Chased two separate storms this day , the first one being around 2pm I believe. There was a cluster of storms in a horizontal line heading east. This one updraft was slightly separated from the line, it grew fast and had a slight bit of a turn to at as it rose giving it a curled appearance. The base was small and round and had a rock hard vertical wall for a while on the eastern side of the base.


Here was the view east when I stopped

Here was the base, a core with frequent lightning on the right. There was a flank feeding into the base on the left side of the storm.

Here is a video that shows what was west of the storm, I forgot to take a picture of that for some reason.
The updraft showed some signs of twisting up visually.

The storm had some kind of funnel like lowering form and spin away under the base, it lasted a couple minutes or so.
Sorry for the bad contrast

That line left heading east and I had no desire to follow for some reason as I thought the line would weaken as the sun set, this worked out well as well west of the line just north of London a new tower exploded. It was rock hard and growing fast, however with some bad luck my cam was full already with my then low memory SD card.

Just east of this updraft a tower exploded and formed a hazy anvil in a very short period of time. After I went home unloaded pics and left again.

I came back and a land spout was on the ground in the storms early stages, even from my distance i could see ripples going up the sides and the rotation. It changed shape a few times and I didn't bother taking video because it was so far away and would have barely shown up at all. It caused some minor damage to some fields and a hog farm generating the f0 rating., it lasted just about 5 minutes from the time I started taking pictures.

here is was smooth and roped, most people were oblivious until it was pointed out to them

Here is the storm seconds after it lifted

Now I headed North, along the way the storm really began to strengthen and wall clouds began to form far from the core to the east of them. The base was amazing when I arrived low level scud feeding from right to left into this area of intense rotation and lift and mid level gust front was merging right above from the west

Hard to see but a needle shaped funnel was 1/3 of the way to the ground, amazing motions.

later on the storm changed colour fast

There was the gust front feeding into the storm from the west as the cell headed NE, the base was showing some rotation feeding of the core on the right side of the image

it tried to drop something again, bad contrast I know but in person you could see the rapid motions under this.

Here was the gust front now overtaking me

Soon it would be pitch black under the storm so I didn't follow. it was moving NE in this shot, there was a clear slot cutting almost all the way through the base and the motions under the center of the base was still pretty wild, lots of cg's were coming down now under it