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02-27-2010, 03:24 AM
Can anyone suggest something good that has good mobile (net) support?

I was going to order an unlocked Motorola Droid from the States for use with Rogers here in Canada (uses same 3G frequencies), but saw the reviews of the Google Nexus One (faster, sleeker) and really liked that, but unfortunately it will only get 2G data speeds because it uses a different set of freqs for 3G than Rogers... GRR..

Both have built in GPS with Googlemaps, and even though I already have a Garmin GPS, with the phone I could also pull up live radar images and other info from the web..





Of course the drawback on both (aside from the prices of course) is that neither are really available here - the Droid should work fine on Rogers though. It *is* available on Telus (called the Motorola Milestone here in Canada) but I'm already with Rogers, and I don't want to buy a phone locked into a carrier either.

Can anyone else suggest a good phone for mobile data, with built in GPS? (ones that are already available here and work 100% with a carrier, preferably Rogers).