View Full Version : New to Ontario from Greensboro, NC - what are storms like here?

02-14-2010, 12:15 AM
[edit: I'm posting this public on behalf of the person who sent it to me - DarkSky]

Hi -- Looks like you've got a great website here and I'm happy to have found you. I a new member and list Greensboro, NC as my home since that's where I live, but I'm temporarily in Ontario for several years and have been wondering about your severe wx season up here. A question if you happen to have a moment... How does ENSO affect things, especially in terms of tornadoes, for Ontario (the Golden Horseshoe region in particular)? Just wondering about this strong El Nino and whether the upcoming spring and summer severe wx season should be more or less active than normal. Thanks and have a great weekend. -[ private msg ]

Smokin Joe
02-18-2010, 08:25 AM
Hi there welcome to Ontario,

It seems to me in my experience and reading that El Nino winters gives us less snow here north of Toronto, and keeps the storm track to the south, temps are close to normal but the snowbelt areas seem still to get hit pretty good from time to time but I bet their snowfall is down to overall. Thing about Ontario is two locations a few miles away can have huge differences in the amount of snowfall. Past el nino years have brought milder temps than this year. La Nina I find gives us cooler temps and way more snow, this year we've barely had snow. ealier this year an area in one of the smowbelts got more than 3 feet of snow and down the road it was a sunny day

As far as tornados go we've had ones early like end of april and beginning of may and much of what I read says our peak season is from may to july and to a lesser extent thru august but last year there were 18 in one day in ontario on agust the 20, and when i look at the last few years it seems to me august has the greatest potential for big storm events but I'm sure someone will disagree. lake effect breezes in ontario also interact with storms to intensify them and create them quickly in certain areas like london ont and the corridor between the lakes in south western ontario, which is considered one of canadas two tornado alleys, the other being a line from southern saskatchewan eastwards thru manitoba and northern ontario, where the 3 fishermen from Oklahome died ironically last year on a fishing trip.

i read that summers following el nino here are less stormy and ones that follow a la nina winter are more stormy. last year after la nina winter we had the most tornados ever here, the thing about up here is many tornados go unreported, and a tornado isnt counted as two if it goes through multiple counties and I think they are in the states...

usually the supercells are HP because of the humidity up here, and tornados are harder to see because of the rain associated with them and the landscape of ontarios with so many hills and forests once you head north.....

hope that helps