View Full Version : Random Flank on Late July Storm North of London

02-03-2010, 10:34 PM
This thunderstorm had a core with some of the most intense lightning I have ever FELT! The lightning was causing the ground to vibrate in a fast pulse a few times, it was really weird. The front flank didn't seem like much so I decided to ride it out and passively wait for the backside, the flank really surprised with some rotation and decent lift in some areas along with ground hugging scud underneath an area with strong motions whipping around.

Here was the view after traveling north 5 min on clark road,


I went up the road a bit further


yay, power lines!

some rotation in the base lots of lift


This was a bad camera and I wasn't great at shooting at the time, but this was an updraft that formed rapidly on the flank. It had that nice curve as it rose, and a circular base. This was a scud lowering that stayed wispy but had wild up motions right in the center of the base. Lasted about 5 minutes before falling over