View Full Version : Eighth tornado of the season confirmed in Ontario

Hurricane Mike
06-20-2013, 03:12 PM
Another tornado to add to this years tally....

AWCN12 CWTO 201323
Updated weather summary for Northern Ontario issued by
Environment Canada at 9:17 AM EDT Thursday 20 June 2013.

==weather event discussion==

Eighth tornado of the season confirmed in Ontario.

Environment Canada has confirmed the occurrence of the 8th tornado
Of the season in Ontario based upon photographic evidence. The
Photos were taken in Beaver Lake, 46 km southwest of Sudbury, at
approximately 6:50 PM on Sunday June 16th. They show a weak funnel
cloud rotating and briefly reaching the ground.

There have been no reports of damage from this tornado. Thus, it
Is being classified as a low end ef-0 with maximum wind speeds at
The ground just reaching 90 km/h.

This is the eighth tornado of the season in Ontario. On average,
12 tornadoes are verified each year in Ontario during a season
That runs from late April until early October.

Location event description

Beaver Lake brief ef-0 tornado
Circulation extending to ground
Captured in a series of photos
No significant damage observed

This weather summary contains preliminary information and may not
constitute an official or final report.