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03-26-2013, 01:34 AM
One of my favorite chase days hands down of all time. These storms were really dangerous though making chasing very risky. Intense CG activity on the last couple storms. One bolt within a mile causing me to grab my gear and run!!!!!

This was a lake effect day, one storm would build peak then die as a new one formed behind it. The last few in the process got pretty interesting and the last cell was crazy.

First cell was in progress as I got there. Weak rain core and rear flank but the forward flank here though small was rotating very weakly.


The Cell began the grow and rotation picked up and caused a weak spinup on the ground that lasted a few minutes.
It's right behind the silo here.


An rfd began to plow into the outflow dom forward flank causing a huge vertical wall as it passed overhead.


Pretty neat rising sinking motion here the cell began to change


Shortly after the RFD it formed a wall cloud and raced east fast as a new cell began to back build behind it.

Gust front on left wall cloud with some rotation in center and inflow for it on the right


Got close to it and condensation was dancing off the ground


(looking west) Lp cell behind to my west began to drop and let out continuous thunder so I left.


Lots of lightning and decent rotation.


The base close to me had good rotation and the one in the distance had strong up motions. Some Kind of wet RFD was cutting into this cell.



A cell that was building west of this one began to dump rain and look promising!


Ok, I race west behind this cell and the first thing I notice? The cell back building behind it has a funnel. This is not the base behind the rain core above but the small lp cell behind it building with a small funnel.


This feature behind the cell I just drove behind (the base behind the rain core I just drove behind not the cell picture above)


Very weird sporadic rotation on this one and up and down motions


NOW something happened to the weather system creating these storms. This cell changed appearance, intensified rapidly and began spitting out cg's every 10 seconds or so nearby.

See this barn! A shot landed nearby making me run rather fast back to my car looking for a change of undergarments!


I called it too moments before......beware when fresh rain is falling!!!!!


This make me relocate behind the cell that was beginning to explode.....the small looking one that was behind me with a small funnel. I am now south of it looking roughly NW. Lightning and more lightning. All I can hear, and rotation. This whole thing was just turning.


A good sign for this cell was that there was nothing building behind, just clear skies hehe :)


Lowering began to suck up some moisture from the core with some pretty decent motions. Lots of cg's nearby and thunder was constant now.


Lowering begins to look like a mini wall cloud, it was rotating now as well.


Weakly rotating funnel forms


It begins to shrink and the cell begins to stretch out.



Starts becoming elevated and linear :( too bad but nice still to watch


About 15 min later begins to reorganize a bit!


Still stretched but some rotation was present



Later on, still weakly rotating with inflow from the core on the right of the image.


The cell's last time trying to reorganize produced some brief decent structure. No tornado or anything but this day was a FUN chase day. Cell after cell of slow moving rotating pulse storms along a lake breeze :)


Video of the day


03-26-2013, 10:35 PM
Great shots and summary!